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Wall Coverings
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A&D Specialties, Inc. specializes in the use of sisal and commercial quality vinyl wall covering. We have developed many of the installation procedures and techniques in use for sisal wall covering. 

Our company owner, Alan Howell, was first introduced to Sisal wall covering in 1981 and has established effective procedures for installation and training installation crews. We combine that experience with ongoing presence in this discipline, averaging an installation quantity of 45,000 square yards of sisal per year.
"Thank you for the acoustical panels your guys installed.  They did a great job and were enjoyable to have in the house as well.  More to point, the acoustical panels have worked as promised--the sound is dampened considerably and it's a much calmer living area as a result.  Thanks for your good work and tell Alan and the guys thanks again."  -Bob Woodbury, Mountain Green, Utah 
Private residence in Mountain Green, Utah.
Acoustical Panels