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Acoustical Panels
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A&D Specialties, Inc. manufactures and installs both absorption and diffusion acoustical panels. Our panels are designed and manufactured with state of the art acoustical materials, and enhance the beauty of a room as well as primarily soundproofing and controlling noise. Reveiw the technical data.

Acoustical panels are available in standard sizes of 4 x 4, 4 x 5, 4 x 6, 4 x 8, 12 x 4, and 12 x 5. These are offered in 3" depth (our Boomer Panel), 2" depth, and 1"depth. Customizing sizes is our specialty, onsite seamless panel application up to 90 ft. We offer panels FOB job site or we will install nationwide.

Although any fabric you may wish to apply typically can be used, we would like to inspect the covering first to establish acoustical transparency. 

A & D Specialties, Inc. panels have been used in a variety of applications to elimate flutter echo in Churchs, Schools, Auditoriums, Homes, Sound Studios, Sound Stages, and Corporate offices to name a few. Typical applications are for both wall and ceiling. Typically large rooms can have a deafening quality. “We can hear, just can’t understand”, is a pretty common quotation. Panels have been applied in large rooms up to 35,000 square feet to a standard 12′ × 12′ office area.

Custom acoustical screen dividers for open office areas are also available. Sizes and shapes are determined on a job by job basis.

The panels are available in “Fabric Wrap” and “Hardwood Frames”.

    Our choice in sound panel covering is the strong, durable, long lasting product Sisal. 
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