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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the sizes of your panels?  We have standard sizes typically 4', 8', and 12 wide by 4', 5', 6', and 8' tall panels.  We; however, customize greatly in various sizes and shapes.  So we would need a drawing or a site inspection to clarify custom sizes.

Where do you place the panels?  We have found as we've literally grown up in the industry that the most effective placement of the panels on the wall is equal to the top of the door height.  This keeps the panel field at the area where most of the energy is being created.

Does A & D install or can we install?  A & D installs panels through out the United States--all 50 states.  The installation system is simple enough that you could effectively install these panels utilizing your own local resources with basic tools.  We install about 40% of the panels we produce, the rest are done by others.

We aren't sure how many panels we need--can you come and inspect our proposed project?  Normally we can work an inspection in with other work in a given area and so make a non-cost inspection.  If we have to make a special trip, there is a fee that is negotiated because of travel distance.  Please understand, our inspection--although we have substantial experience in dealing with various rooms, will result in our best "guess".  We, always, will strongly encourage you to have an Acoustical Consultant come and survey your project--they will have the necessary measuring tools to make an exact recommendation.  Those resources are available through our protocols or we can make referrals.

Is there a fabric A & D recommends?  Normally we look at the application and go from there.  Because of durability standards and longevity, we will recommend a product called sisal.  We have other fabrics available from screen fabrics, similar to what is on most couches or chairs, or some poly olifins. If you have a specific fabric in mind, we want to inspect to ensure acoustical tranparency--so the sound can travel through the fabric to the inner core of the panel.

What about durability, longevity, and warranty?  Durability is key in our company becasue of the typical location where these panels are installed, which is gymnasiums.  We literally test the physical strenth of our panels during development to ensure they pass our "fork lift test".  Which is, we run over the panel with a 5 ton rated fork lift, if is recovers, we proceed with further development.  Longevity--our current panels typically last long enough that we've been asked to re-cover with a different color of fabric.  We have panels installed since our companies creation, some 22 years, still functioning.  Warranty--Our panels maintain a 5 year limited warranty--basically, if our panels have a failure due to factory error, we repair without question.  We have repaired panels 10 years old under warranty because the original work done in our facility was not up to our standard.
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