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The following data and graph details the sound absorption rate of the “Boomer II” over the sound frequency testing criteria specified by ASTM C423-09a and E795-05, utilizating a class A mounting. The NRC. rate is established by the average of the coefficients at 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz. expressed to the nearest integral multiple of 0.05.

For your convenience and comparison, the graph identifies the comparison of other products we have produced (still available). A tectum based panel is graphed in the color of “Green”, the original “Boomer” panel in “Red”, and the Boomer II in “Blue”.

The technical data you are viewing is consistant with standard testing for establishing “Noise Reduction Coefficients” or “NRC”. In layman terms, any absorbtion level of 1.0 or above is equal to an open window; in other words, the sound entering the panel at that frequency does not reflect back out into the room.

We have used, through out our history, Riverbank Acoustical Labs, the longest established Acoustical Lab in the world, near Chicago, Ill. You can use this data to evaluate any acoustically active (boomer rooms) you have and match the desired quantity of panels or square footage to reduce the “flutter echo” and reverberations to a desirable level.

For the novice or those unsure of the quantity of panels required, we have associates available that will do an on site visit to scope the room(s) in question for the best possible result.

We at A & D Specialties, Inc. are not above making our “best guess”, but will always encourage you to approach an Acoustical Technician to do an actual on site visit and make a formal evaluation and recommendation. We can make arrangements for that process under our protocols or leave that decision up to you.