A & D Specialties, Inc. was founded by Alan and Deon Howell in 1988.  Alan saw an opportunity in the commercial wall covering market specializing in an imported product called Sisal.  Because Alan worked through the technical problems of installing a difficult product like sisal, he soon had a nick name of "Mr. Sisal" attached to his name and often the "Go to Guy" to cure installation problems.  As the staff progressed, A & D added other commercial wall covering to their resume such as vinyl and grass wall coverings.  No job too small or large has become more than just a by-word and is backed by A & D's 5 year warranty, regardless of what the manufacturer allows.

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About Us
A & D Specialties, Inc., not long after it's creation in 1988, was requested to manufacture Acoustical Wall Panels.  Alan's background included the development of a fabric covered wall panel for another company.  Using that knowledge and incorporating other state of the art materials, A & D has remained fore front in the development of wall panels using various forms and combination of materials.  With the recently introduced "Boomer II", A & D once again brings superior dynamics of acoustical NRC (noise reduction coefficient)--a 1.1 rating, architectural appearance, and "Wear Like Iron" durability in a panel only 3" in depth.  In addition, A & D manufactures reflective panels for certain applications.  Although there are standard sizes, A & D specialtizes in custom sizes, having designed and built seamless panels up to 90' long x 8' tall.
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A & D Specialties, Inc. offers millwork of all varieties.  From basic kitchen cabinets, to Architectural Arches, no project is beyond our capabilities.

Giving Back
A & D Specialties, Inc. fulfills several community rolls.  Alan, CEO, and his wife of 40 years, Deon, are extremely active in a variety of community activities.  Deon is a sponsor for the local "Red Hat Society" women's organization, is the key organizer for the "Loving Helping Hands and Hearts of Leadore that supplies winter hats and scarfs to local elementary schools in the county, quilts to the local shelter for abused women, and friendship dolls and quilts to the local Medical Center.  Alan is the current Chairman of the Board for the Lemhi County-sponsored Lemhi County Economic Development Association, is one of the founding members of the Upper Lemhi Valley Chamber of Commerce, was named 2012 Volunteer of the Year for Lemhi County,  and sits on a couple of national advisory boards concerning construction and interior design.  Alan and Deon are also active in their local Church. 

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